La Masseria

From an abandoned semi-rupestrian, rural building, destined to disappear, to a rural chic farmhouse.

Already known in the past as the Zinzicarl residence, originally of the Sinisgalli di Montemurro family, the Masseria Santa Lucia is a place of great historic and architectural interest and one of the best examples of rural construction present within the city.

Nestled in amongst the old, hand-carved limestone quarries and green olive groves, the farmhouse is located just on the outskirts of town, in a place marked by small ravines descending from town down towards the Matera countryside and the Martella rural district.

Thanks to painstaking, expert restoration and re-development work, the Masseria Santa Lucia has been able to preserve the tangible signs of its significant historic identity.

The olive press, the large, wood-fired stone oven, the stalls, the olive and almond groves, the areas for socializing and relaxing, the limestone quarries, the architectural gem of a farmhouse with its charming little annexed church and the external sheep fold. All of these spaces have been transformed into areas for events and entertainment. Every object within the residence and suite has been designed and carefully hand-crafted by local artisans.

As signs and evidence of the millennial history of this town carved in stone, incisions can be seen on the walls of the various hollowed out spaces, representing the limestone blocks that were cut long ago by experts of the time, who extracted the stone that was then used in construction and manufacturing.

Passing through the gate of the Masseria Santa Lucia, one enters into a rural world surrounded by greenery and bare stone, with terraces and gardens and an olive grove where the swimming pool appears, overlooking the soft and sinuous hills of Timmari, Picciano and Igino.

To experience the Masseria Santa Lucia means to travel back in time, passing through the history of the local peasant culture, and enjoying the experience of a great rebirth, in harmony with nature and rewarded by elegant simplicity.


To make a dream come true, you have to believe in it.

An outpost of peasant civilization, a landfill for old and used cars, an abandoned place, marred by neglect and waste. Just thinking about the condition in which the Masseria Santa Lucia was found, sends shivers up the spine. Today our family swells with pride at having taken the place to heart.

Our mother Vita and father Luciano Adorisio had a great feeling about the place and decided to buy the large estate back in 2005. With optimism and commitment, they (our parents and us children – Francesco, Simona and Rosalba) have pursued a family dream. Over the years we have put the place back together, stone by stone, renovating the rooms, respecting the heritage of the place and its architecture, and redeveloping and enhancing the interior spaces and exteriors with targeted measures, carefully restoring everything, while leaving the fascinating signs of time intact.

The strength of our love for this place has been the single driving force in restoring, rebuilding, preserving and living in this large house that welcomes tourists and travelers.

This place represents new life and we welcome those who come here for the first time.